T-Mac Signs with Pistons

According to reports from the Detroit Free Press, former NBA all-star Tracy McGrady is coming to Detroit. Citing an undisclosed source the Freep said the deal will be worth the league minimum. The deal could be a steal if McGrady, 31, can comeback from a dismal year that saw him being traded from the Rockets to the struggling Knicks and of course, an injury ridden season.

McGrady though will have the luxury of a top notch medical staff and conditioning staff in hopes to rejuvinating his career. As the Freep reported, the signing of McGrady makes the Pistons roster a little stuffed as far as the shooting guard and small forward positions are concerned. We've heard trade rumors for the last couple of seasons with names like Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton being tossed around it certainly seems likely now.

GM Joe Dumars may not be at risk of losing his job but he cerainly does have something to prove. After winning the 2004 NBA Championship, Dumars has made some questionable decisions. Putting his drafting of Darko Milicic aside (seeing as they won a championship with him on the roster) Dumars choice of trading Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson was certainly a poor one. The Pistons have struggled to live up to the fans expectations and the blame has to be put on somebody, after going through a couple of coaches it certainly has to be on the man who hired them.

T-Mac may not be the Pistons savior but if he can return to being half the NBA player he once was, him and another aging veteran, Ben Wallace, could work as the veteran cornerstones to a team that certainly will be getting younger and mor talented through trades that may come soon after the deal with McGrady is officially announced.